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We repair Mira, Keeler, and Frigitronics cryosurgical handpieces. This includes ophthalmic, cardiac, endoscopic, dermatologic and neurological probes.

Surgical Medical Supplies


We repair Mira, Keeler, and Frigitronics cryo surgical handpieces. Each cryoprobe must be sent in for evaluation in order to determine extent of repair needed and costs. Cryoprobe repairs are accompanied with a 90 day warranty on parts and labor. The referenced products are registered trademarks of the respective companies.

Repairable Frigitronics Model Numbers:

  • 124/162
  • 125/161
  • 126, 127
  • 128
  • 130/164
  • 147
  • 134
  • 139/163
  • 143
  • 144
  • 142
  • 166
  • 167

Repairable MIRA model numbers:

  • CR4010
  • CR4012
  • CR4022
  • CR4023
  • CR4025
  • CR4030
  • CR4040
  • CR4045
  • CR4075
  • CR4085
  • CR4090

Repairable Keeler model numbers:

  • 2509-P-8030
  • 2509-P-8020
  • 2509-P-8022
  • 2509-P-8021

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I have been doing business with Surgical Medical Supplies for the last 25 years, at least. Absolutely clean and transparent balances. They definitely focus on helping customers to find the ideal product, equipment and repairs at the best price. No flaws. I really love SMS kind of business.

Dr. Israel R.Professional Review

I've been using Surgical Medical Supplies for phaco handpiece repairs for some years now. I'm always happy with their excellent service. Handpieces are returned like-new. I give a strong five-star recommendation to the services provided by Surgical Medical Supplies.

Dr. Ronal P.Professional Review

I am an ophthalmologist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and I have been a customer of Nikki Zenk (President of Surgical Medical Supplies) for more than 20 years. In all that period I have never had any problem dealing with Surgical Medical Supplies.

Dr. Jaime G.Professional Review